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Who is 

Shawn Crysis?

Hip Hop Artist, Poet, Educator

Shawn Crysis is a hip-hop artist and poet from New Brunswick, New Jersey. His witty punchlines and smooth deliverables provide the listener with sonic nutrition. The mission of his music is to inspire, inform, and create an ambiance that offers a score to the soundtrack of your life.


Crysis began his musical journey at the lunch table in his freshman year of high school. He would use two quarters and his knuckles to provide the symphony for the daily cyphers. At this time in his life, becoming a lyricist was the last thing on his mind, that is, until he received a Sidekick for his birthday. This is where his passion for writing grew. The first beats Crysis ever wrote to were Gang Starr's 'DWYCK'; Birdmans' 'Mo Milly'; and LL Cool J's 'Doin It.' 


Once the writing ensued, the passion oozed out. It became a game of how to have fun but also incorporate hard-hitting bars. Dope similes and metaphors were the main ingredients. As Crysis began to write, he grew the confidence to share in front of his peers during cyphers and was commended on his bars, which led him to write profusely. After he graduated high school, Crysis enrolled in the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) in New York City. This experience helped him visualize his dreams, making them more tangible than ever before. However, 5 months into the program, he dropped out due to pressure. 


After dropping out, Crysis fell into a mild depressive state. In this time frame, he discovered the art of poetry and the freedom that comes with unrestricted expression. His writing grew, and he performed in his first open mic in 2012 at Soul by the Pound, a local New Brunswick staple. The moment he got off stage was when he realized that is where he belonged. This created a passion for performing. 


A highlight in Crysis' career was opening up for Talib Kweli. Crysis also performed at many well-known venues, including the world-renowned SOB's in NYC, World Live Cafe In Philadelphia, and countless spaces in the NY Tri-State Area. Another highlight in Crysis' career was being a part of the Dean's List Tour, where he performed at Universities across the east coast, including Brown, Syracuse, and UCONN. Here Crysis was able to grow his fan base organically. In addition, Crysis won the Daze Summit Competition in 2017 that awarded an all-expense-paid trip to Los Angeles, where he performed during the BET Award Ceremony week. 


In 2015, Shawn released his first project entitled "Table for One," an ode to the dreams and ideologies of a social isolate. From there on, he released a total of 6 projects - those projects are "hangOn," "Is It The Hair?", "Nice to Meet U" "S.H.E. (She's His Everything)" and "Before the Summer's Over." Currently, Shawn is set to drop his next album, "WNDRR" (pronounced wanderer) June 2021. Most recently, he dropped a video to his single "Hallelujah" directed by Kim "KKimmestry" Hill. 


When it's all said and done, more is to be done than said, and every day Shawn Crysis is working towards that mission. Through the power of music, spoken word poetry, and opening up an array of colorful conversations, he looks to add his value to the world by creating a positive space and narrative for the Black and Brown experience. You can either add or subtract in this life, and Shawn urges you to put in your two sense to get the world outta debt.

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Shawn Crysis



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